THE 3 TYPES OF TIME YOU NEEDA Webinar for Senior Leaders

Discover the 3 Types of Time You Need

“Busy is the new stupid.” —Bill Gates

So many leaders are unaware of their real relationship to time. Some use time as a shield, hiding behind ‘busyness’ to avoid making tough choices. Others are simply unaware how their time habits cause ‘time distress’ in their teams.

Time, however, is what you make of it. It is fundamental to how we live, work, and lead. This is why the ability to use time masterfully—which means consciously and artfully—can add a profound new dimension to your operating model.

This webinar will help you think about time in a new way and learn to use time with greater intention, finesse, and impact. We start by explaining the One Moment Company’s ‘types of time’ model—helping you identify the types of time that are missing from your life and could transform your leadership style. We end by sharing the specific types of time that leaders we work with consistently identify as being the most transformative—for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Meet Your Hosts

Martin Boroson

Marty is a leadership coach, organizational consultant, and founder of the One Moment Company.

After earning a B.A. in philosophy from Yale and an MBA from the Yale School of Management, Marty set out to explore alternative ways of knowing—including the wisdom traditions, body psychotherapy, theatre and art. He distilled much of his learning into the creation of One-Moment Meditation®, pioneering the use of micro-steps and helping millions of people break through the time barrier.

Marty now helps leaders design conscious solutions to the problem of time and experience the potential of present moment awareness. He is a faculty member of Mobius Executive Leadership and a lay priest in the Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen tradition.

“If you are not giving time to what you most value, you will never have enough time.”

— Martin Boroson

Carmel Moore

Carmel spent most of her working life being too busy for meditation and self-reflection — busy advising multinational organizations on tax management, including Barclays, Pfizer, and as a director at Deloitte and partner at EY (Ernst & Young).

Realizing that great teams deserve more than busy leaders, she trained in NLP and began coaching others to find time and space to be truly effective. At EY, she was a pioneer on the first mindfulness program.

Carmel left EY in April 2017 to concentrate on her mission to ease the burden of the working world as a director of the One Moment Company.

“What are you too busy for?”

— Carmel Moore