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Carmel Moore

Carmel is a keynote speaker, organizational consultant, coach to senior executives, and co-founder of the One Moment Company.

Carmel spent most of her working life with her back turned firmly against anything to do with, introspection or self-development because she was far too busy.

A Chartered Accountant by training, she has spent over thirty years advising large, multinational organizations on tax strategy and operations.

As in-house Tax Director at Barclays for thirteen years, she crammed in an MA from King’s College London in English and American literature. This was followed by a stint as a Director in Deloitte’s Tax Management Consulting Team. She then joined Pfizer and enjoyed three very happy years as Senior Director of the European Tax Centre.

At Pfizer, when the challenge of a highly talented and diverse team required something more than a driven, high-stress tax director, Carmel became an NLP Master Practitioner. Her interest in easing the burden of the working world was ignited.

She was appointed a partner at EY (formerly Ernst & Young) in 2009, advising clients on tax transformation, and specializing in change management for technical experts in leadership roles. In 2016, Carmel joined EY’s People Advisory Services, which helps companies develop a coherent strategy for managing talent.

As a member of the executive coaching team at EY, she supported new partners, integrated external partners, and helped senior women negotiate boundaries to create more space and time. She was a member of the initial pilot group for the EY mindfulness rollout. In 2016, she completed the Organizational Development practitioner training at Roffey Park.

Carmel left EY in April 2017 to concentrate full-time on her mission to ease the burden of the working world, and is now a director of the One Moment Company.  She believes that the essence of leadership is time and that the leader who is open to this can impact their people for good.  Carmel’s distinct approach to leadership and time has most recently been featured on Fast Company, Forbes, The Guardian and Personnel Today. 

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