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Calendar Coaching™

Break Free from Back-to-Back Meetings and Start to Lead

When you open your calendar each morning, how do you feel? Dejected by the wall of back-to-back meetings … or excited to see a day full of what you really want to do?

Do you see a day ahead that saps your ability to focus, gives you no free time, and increases your stress levels? Or do you see a leader’s calendar–the calendar of someone who is in control of their time and making time to get from good to great.

As a leader, failure to take charge of your calendar is not just a threat to your performance, well-being, and success–it is a serious failure of leadership and is detrimental to your organization.

But it doesn’t have to be that way …

Enter Calendar Coaching™

Calendar Coaching™ is a personalized coaching program for senior leaders that goes straight to the crunch point: your calendar. We sit alongside you, analyze your days and weeks, and help you to find time for what matters–finally.

Why do we focus on your calendar? Because if something is in your calendar, that’s what you execute, often on autopilot. If it’s not in your calendar, you’ll never get around to it.

Does this sound familiar …

  1. You face a wall of back-to-back meetings that leave you no time to think.
  2. You’re drowning in emails that demand immediate action.
  3. You’re frustrated by the lack of control over your schedule.
  4. With no breaks between meetings, you’re losing your ability to focus.
  5. You don’t have time to do the work that only you can do, that you were hired to do, and that you really love to do.
  6. Always dealing with the urgent, you’re losing sight of the big picture and strategic goals.
  7. With no time to anticipate trends or find opportunities to innovate, you risk falling behind.
  8. You’re chronically exhausted as long days hurt your health, happiness, and relationships.
  9. You’re not getting proper downtime for yourself or quality time with those you love


Calendar Coaching™ is fast, practical, and targeted.

It helps you:

  • Focus on your true priorities.
  • Optimize time for impact and value.
  • Get rid of time wasters–delegating or eliminating everything that saps your energy.
  • Create time between meetings and use this well.
  • Engage others to defend and optimize your time.
  • Model and inspire effective time practices for your organization.
  • Do more of what only you can do.

Who can benefit?

Calendar Coaching™ is for leaders who fit any one of these profiles:

  • Leaders in Turmoil:  Senior leaders who are overwhelmed, on the brink of burnout, or are so busy that they are not attending to critical health and personal needs.
  • Leaders in Transition: Fast-rising leaders stepping up to a bigger role. Too often leaders in transition jump into new responsibilities without considering how their calendar and priorities must change.
  • Leaders in Transformation:  Senior executives who know they have more to give, but are stuck in the grind, having no time to reflect on what really matters or launch their next big dream.

Calendar Coaching: Special Offer

1. Introductory two-hour session to clarify:

  • Your real priorities, both personal and professional
  • Your stakeholders
  • Your day-to-day business demands

2. Comprehensive analysis of your calendar to reveal your patterns and routines.

3. Three x 90-minute coaching sessions via Zoom at fortnightly intervals to:

  • Identify the activities or “types of time” that are critical for your success.
  • Analyze, eliminate, and delegate the activities that are not essential, strategic, or enjoyable, and free up time for what matters.
  • Create the “new rules” that make new choices stick.

4. Monitoring and support between sessions.


Normally GBP 2000  >  Now GBP 1500.

How does Calendar Coaching™ work?

We are a team of executive coaches who have helped hundreds of leaders like you transform their calendars, their work, and their lives.

Calendar Coaching™ is not only about scheduling appointments and tasks. It is about creating a rhythm and structure that allows you to focus and engage with your most important priorities, while also taking care of your well-being and balance.

Here is the process:


  1. You are matched with a highly qualified coach whose background means they understand the challenges and opportunities you face in your role.
  2. We begin with a comprehensive analysis of your calendar to reveal your patterns and routines. This is the baseline from which we measure progress. (You may be shocked to see how you are really spending your time and what you are missing out on.)


  1. You work collaboratively with your coach to analyze, eliminate, and delegate the activities that are not essential, strategic, or enjoyable, and free up time for what matters. You learn how to focus on the high-impact and high-value actions that drive success and to avoid the low-priority and low-reward actions that drain your energy.
  2. You identify and prioritize the activities or “types of time” that are critical for your success.  You learn how to align your time with your purpose and passion, to create a fulfilling and meaningful work experience, and to generate better business outcomes.


  1. You learn how to say ‘no’ better–communicating your expectations and boundaries clearly and respectfully and handling pushback with grace.
  2. You involve and empower your executive assistant and other key stakeholders e.g., your Chief of Staff, to support you in protecting and optimizing your new calendar habits. They learn how to apply the same powerful principles and techniques that you have learned.
  3. You learn to model and inspire healthy and effective time practices for others in your organization. You become a leader who sets helpful deadlines, avoids false urgency, and aligns people with priorities. You set the tone and culture for healthy time management—gaining trust, respect, and loyalty from your team.

And even more …

Through Calendar Coaching™, you not only improve your work outcomes, but also your personal ones. You can enjoy more quality time with your family and friends, pursue your hobbies and interests, and take care of your health and wellbeing.


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