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Time Management Coaches for Leaders and Teams

We are a specialist consulting and training company … 100% focused on time. This enables us to offer innovative solutions to the challenges of time management and productivity … and provide you with time management coaches and consultants who are fit for purpose in the 21st century.

Why We Are Time-Sensitive

Mastering time is essential to everything: building a successful business, being an influential leader, and living a fulfilled and happy life. 

That’s why our training and coaching programs help senior leaders who feel overwhelmed, want a better work-life balance, and know that productivity coaching is the key to their personal and professional growth. We also support teams and organizations in building effective time processes that are vital for collaboration, strategy, and promoting full engagement at work.

But this is not “time management” as you know it …

Where We Started

A Zen priest and a Chartered Accountant walk into a bar … 

The setting?  A leadership conference in a hotel in the City of London.

While each is there to deliver a keynote, we seem to come from different worlds. Marty is a Zen priest, invited to speak about the groundbreaking mindfulness program he created for GlaxoSmithKline. Carmel is a tax partner at EY, invited to speak about the toxic cult of ‘crazy busy’ in professional services.  

And yet … 

We discovered a shared fascination with the subject of time, and we had both realized that time is the hidden factor in the challenges of leadership and organizational life, including setting deadlines, implementing strategy, designing effective processes, building healthy teams, and finding time to work on what matters.

We had also realized that conventional time management techniques were woefully outdated, a rusty relic of the Industrial Era. Time management has to be transformed to meet the needs of the “always-on” information economy. It has to embrace not just mechanics but mindset. And time management coaches have to help leaders become highly intentional … in this moment, right now.

The One Moment Company was born.

Now, in our work with clients, we integrate expertise from diverse disciplines: strategy, consulting, accounting, depth psychology, and mindfulness.

We bring together the “left brain” and the “right brain,” the head and the heart … because we know that every solution requires two components:  a practical change (the outside) and a mindset shift (the inside).

Carmel Moore

A Chartered Accountant by training, Carmel spent over thirty years advising large, multinational organizations on tax strategy, management, and compliance. She was appointed a partner at EY in 2009; as a member of the EY executive coaching team, she supported new partners, integrated external partners, and helped senior women negotiate boundaries to create more space and time.  

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Martin Boroson

Marty is a Zen priest, Yale MBA, keynote speaker, and psychotherapist. He is the Director of Transformational Programs for Mobius Executive Leadership and provides trauma-informed coaching to senior executives. His book, One-Moment Meditation: Stillness for People on the Go, translated into twelve languages, has been the basis of workforce training programs in many organizations, including Google, GSK, Kaiser Permanente, and Medecins Sans Frontieres.

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How we work

Engaging with the One Moment Company challenges you to think differently about time. 

We help you get crystal clear about what matters—to you, your family, your team, your company. Only then can you make the changes that will have a meaningful impact. Through this process, which is at times profound and playful, but always practical, our time management coaches and consultants help you, finally, find time for what matters.

But this is not just for leaders who have poor time management

We can help any leader who wants to raise their game, implement an innovative vision, or feel the deep pleasure of spending more time doing the work they love. 

We also help teams and organizations struggling with the hybrid working, teams on the cusp of being overwhelmed who urgently need to find better ways of working, collaborating, and being together.

Our Vision

Our vision … for you and the people you lead … is nothing less than this: a world in which time is life well spent.

Our new take on time

When we realized that traditional time management was no longer fit for purpose, we decided to rethink “time” from the ground up.  This led us to develop the three key principles that guide all of our work:

1. Time is personal

How you manage time is inseparable from your mindset, your beliefs, and your values. That’s why we developed powerful processes that transform the way you think about time. We help you make meaningful choices and find the clarity and conviction you need to manage your time effectively. 

2. Time is an agreement

Every culture—family, team, organization, country—has implied agreements about time. This means you will never get on top of time, or have the time you need, until you make new, shared agreements with your team. We help your team have the meaningful conversations that enable them to blast through time-wasting obstacles and to design new, shared practices that work so much better. 

3. Time is leadership

Time management is not just useful for leadership—it is the essence of leadership. As a leader, you set the strategy, budget, priorities, deadlines, and urgency for the whole organization. You also model time for others, meaning your own time habits have a huge impact on your people. That’s why—even when you engage us to transform your team—we always start with you.


In addition to consulting services we offer these training and coaching programs:

  • TimeFraming® for Leaders:  Learn how to frame each block of time for maximum impact and ring-fence the time for what matters.
  • TimeFraming® for Teams: Help your team design the processes and conventions that will ensure smooth workflow.
  • Calendar Coaching™: Get help auditing your day to ensure maximum productivity and joy.
  • Question Urgency™: Stop the permacrisis and make sure your organization has time for rest, recovery, and considered work … while being able to sprint when truly needed.

These programs are offered several times per year, as open enrollment programs for senior leaders. 

They can also be offered within your organization and for intact teams.

All you have to decide is what to do

with the time that is given to you.


The Lord of the Rings
J.R.R. Tolkien

What Our Clients Say


I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to participate in this program and experience Carmel’s and Marty’s exceptional leadership and coaching skills. Thank you so much. I was part of a fantastic cohort and enjoyed every minute of the sessions, and was very sorry to miss the last one. I am already putting my learnings into action.  

—Ian Kinsella, Managing Director, Morgan, McKinley


These are world-class facilitators.

Carine McCrae Boily, Director, Talent and Culture at Mila (Artificial Intelligence Institute, Quebec)


A life-changing opportunity to re-imagine what you think you know about how to plan your time, which is how you live your life.  

— Erica Ariel Fox, Thought Leader, Mobius Executive Leadership, NYT Bestselling author of Winning From Within. 


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