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Organizational Effectiveness Consultant—It’s About Time

Sound familiar?  Decision-making takes too long. Your top teams are mired in unimportant things. Business processes are clunky. Meetings are unproductive. You’re surrounded by timewasters. And core strategy is getting lost. So … you look for an organizational effectiveness consultant.

But all these problems have one common denominator: time. 

Time is the hidden lever in every business process. It’s the single, most powerful factor in organizational effectiveness.  Time is implicit in every aspect of organizational life:  strategy, priorities, deadlines, and meetings. And failing to be proactive about your organization’s “time culture” is a cause of conflict, stress, disengagement, and burnout. 


Consider these typical business problems:

  • “Our decision-making is poor.”
  • “We can’t respond quickly enough.”
  • “We’re always putting out fires.”
  • “We’re not strategic enough.”
  • Organizational effectiveness is weak; we simply can’t get stuff done.”
  • “Staff engagement scores are low.”
  • “No one is responsible.”
  • “We’re not innovating fast enough.”

At the heart of each of these challenges is a problem of time:

  • Top players are out of sync
  • Intentions are unclear and unaligned 
  • Competing deadlines, poor prioritization
  • Out-dated thinking, dominated by the past
  • Low capacity for innovation
  • No time to, rethink, reflect 
  • Not present in the moment; anxious about what’s next


Here’s Your Big Win in Organizational Effectiveness

Trying to address organizational effectiveness with yet another reorganization, or a fresh-faced MBA “effectiveness consultant,” is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. You get new rules and processes but never get to the heart of the problem.

Rethinking your organization’s approach to time, however, provides a big win in every aspect of organizational life, because it gets to your values, beliefs, and the very way each person in your company shows up. How you think about time dictates how you show up for everything. It transforms every business process. 

How we help

  1. Our innovative organizational assessments generate a fresh perspective on your business processes. It’s eye-opening.
  2. We pinpoint the blind spots in your organizational effectiveness—the unconscious assumptions, misaligned beliefs, historical baggage, sloppy practices, and time wasters that are holding you back. Hitting these head-on gives you the highest potential for immediate impact.
  3. We redesign your core business process from the bottom up.  You will be able to answer these essential questions about each period of time, about each process, with clarity:
    • What is your true intention?
    • What are the qualities—e.g., deep work, brainstorming, evaluating, decision-making, celebrating—that reinforce your intention?
    • What are the KPIs for success?
  4. The output of this process is a dynamic Team Charter that defines healthier, more effective business practices for your team. This is your new normal.

The result?

  • Clear, simplified business processes that can be operated with ease
  • Time for what matters
  • More fulfilling work
  • More engaged people
  • Better talent management
  • Work done with more ease, reducing risk of burnout

About the One Moment Company

We are a specialist consulting company … 100% focused on time. This enables us to offer innovative solutions to the challenges of time management, strategy, and organizational effectiveness.

Why do we focus on time?

You have heard the phrase “culture eats strategy” …  but culture is time. How people think about time affects every aspect of organizational culture—priorities, effectiveness, innovation, and organizational agility. 

Too often, consulting looks at problems only from the outside, redesigning business processes as if the people and their ways of working are not important. Our origin story gives you a sense of how we work. While not overlooking processes, we focus on the people, working the inner game as well as the outer game. We like to put it this way:

A Zen priest and a Chartered Accountant walked into a bar …  

Our approach

Looking at your business processes through the lens of time is not just efficient and effective—it is also rewarding, exciting, and transformational. It enables you to not just create better processes but also make sure that these processes are truly aligned—aligned with your business’s goals and also with the people who do the work, with how they work best, and with how they want to live. You cannot have a thriving organization without addressing time.

Realizing that conventional approaches to the problem of work were woefully out of date — not fit for purpose in this time — we decided to rethink some of the truisms about time. We questioned everything. And came up with new approaches that are remarkably effective … promoting efficiency as well as joy. 


That might be a strange word to see from organizational effectiveness consultants. But we can demonstrate that healthy business processes promote joy—the joy that comes from doing deep, rewarding work, the joy that comes when people’s skills are aligned with their job, when their time isn’t wasted, and when everyone has time not just for urgent work but also everyday work, as well as rest, recovery, and renewal.

A Case study: Global Consulting Firm

Misalignment between front and back office created a two-track business and slowed growth. Our work unlocked easier collaboration.

This Global Consulting firm approached us because they were aware that their organization was stuck, and this was wasting time. The time problem? The business was growing rapidly, with the client-facing consultants becoming more agile and adapting and evolving quickly to market demands. But the “support functions” were slow to change, mired in outdated processes, and spending too much time on the back office—all inhibiting growth.

Our diagnostics identified that support teams felt marginalized, like second class citizens. Over time, this had created a split in the organization. To begin the process of dialogue and transformation, we brought together 150 leaders of the support functions in a Momentum Lab. The goal was a kickstart for the future: to empower them to voice their concerns, help them upgrade their working methods to be more adaptable, and bring their “time” into the present fast-moving world.

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