TimeFraming™ for Leaders

TimeFraming™ for Leaders

How to find time for what matters (and have a beautiful day)

with Carmel Moore and Martin Boroson

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Do you have a problem with time?

Burnout, stress, anxiety, and exhaustion are indications that you (and your team) have a time problem–that you are not aligned and intentional about time. And this incurs a high commercial cost.

True leaders do not accept rampant email, back-to-back zooms, unproductive meetings, pervasive distraction, and split focus. They hold strong, stated, visible intentions about their time and create razor-sharp alignment with others. They encourage and model spending time on deep, rewarding work, and they find time for the rest of their life.


Enter TimeFraming™ …

TimeFraming™ is one of the most popular and practical of our Time Mastery techniques. It enables you to:

→ Analyze your calendar to understand what’s causing your chronic overcommitment.

→ Identify the activities and behaviors that give you the most leverage.

→ Generate compelling calendar commitments (even meetings!) that
promote engagement and alignment.

→ Easily implement mindfulness–all day, every day.

→ Optimize time for joyful absorption and flow.

→ Establish the conditions that will make your new habits stick.

→ Empower your people to work in a healthier, more sustainable way.


TimeFraming™ for You

TimeFraming™ enables you to develop rocket-fuelled clarity about how you use your time.

No matter how busy you think you are, with TimeFraming™ you can find time for what is essential. You can create spacious days that enable you to truly lead. You can reconnect with what gives you joy and find time for that. And you can transform your calendar from an ‘undifferentiated wall of time’ into a colorful and full-bodied expression of what you most want.


TimeFraming™ for Teams

Use TimeFraming™ with your teams to build engagement, alignment, and trust, while being laser-focused on strategic goals. The result: streamlined working, fruitful (and fewer) meetings, dialing-down of panic, and respect for your colleague’s time (and a new-found pleasure in their company).


What you get

♦ Two half-days of training (including theory and practical exercises)

♦ Two sessions of group coaching

♦ Learning manual and worksheets

♦ Access to recordings

♦ Email access to Carmel and Marty, in between sessions, for questions and lightning coaching to support new habits


Individual Rate: $1,500

Corporate Rate: $2,500

Group size is limited.


Next Course: January 2024 (Virtual)

Four Sessions:

→ January 10, 2.30-5.30pm UKT: TimeFraming™ for Individuals

→ January 17, 2.30-5.30pm UKT: Group Coaching and Implementation

→ January 24, 2.30-5.30pm UKT: TimeFraming™ for Teams

→ January 31, 2.30-5.30pm UKT: Group Coaching and Implementation


How to register

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What Others Have Said

“I had never seen anything like this program before. This was completely new material and an amazing learning. This course is very, very relevant in the workplace. …Once you have this language you can’t help sharing it. The timing is so perfect for what is needed in the world right now.”

Caroline Barth, Chief Human Resources Officer, Lonza


“When was the last time you sat with yourself to consider what you do with your time and how you relate to time? This course gives you a unique opportunity to do this … taking a closer look at your views about ‘time’ … how you relate to time, what you do with your time, and what time you are denying yourself …”

Elina Koussis, Leadership Development Leader, General Electric


How to register

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Everything else you need to know

Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The One Moment Company is committed to advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion. We apply this to the way we do business, conduct our training and coaching, and develop our curriculum. We want participants in our programs to feel welcome, to speak from the heart, and be heard with generosity, and we commit to listening and learning. We consider TimeFraming™ to be a tool that encourages inclusion, as leaders become sensitive and responsive to the diversity of people’s time needs and styles.

The One Moment Company

At The One Moment Company, our mission is to help leaders find time for what matters. It’s Time Management … but not as you know it. No tips, no hacks, no tricks: just deep, lasting culture change for how you live and work.

Learn more about Marty and Carmel here.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your booking, we will give you a 100% credit for yourself or an associate for another OMC training in 2023. If, due to unavoidable economic or health concerns, you require a full refund, we will provide that.


How to register

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