Time Mastery for Leaders

with Carmel Moore & Martin Boroson

Next Practice Institute
Mobius Executive Leadership
Babson Executive Conference Center, Boston

December 8 – 13, 2019

Time is fundamental to everything we do, yet few leaders take time to think about it. This program will give you time — time to challenge your habitual assumptions about time and make conscious choices about time. It will also empower you to host better conversations with your clients about time — the hidden factor in so much of their stress and so many of their critical decisions.

Far beyond “time management,” this program is a deep dive into being conscious and mindful about time. It is designed to disrupt the fiction of “clock time” and help you stop confusing being busy with being important. Through practical exercises and deep reflection, you will become intentional about time (perhaps for the first time), developing a more honest and liberated relationship with yourself and with others.

As many leaders have unclear beliefs about time, as well as poor time habits, which adversely affects their organizations, this track will also give you the ability to help the leaders you work with to lead on time. Leaders who lead on time stop creating time-related stress and errors — instead using the techniques of time mastery to boost well-being, resilience, and innovation.

This program is being offered over four days, as part of Mobius Executive Leadership’s cutting-edge Next Practice Institute, a gathering of over 100 senior leaders, coaches and consultants. In addition to Time Mastery for Leaders,  you will enjoy keynotes, performances, and high-level networking, as well as a special session with renowned mystical teacher, Thomas Huebl.

Time Mastery for Leaders will help you:

  • Drop any belief that time is a limitation or obstacle.
  • Turn your calendar into a vivid and beautiful expression of purpose and values.
  • Deploy creative time techniques to work smarter and liberate momentum.
  • Use values clarification to develop “time abundance”.
  • Identify “types of time” that can improve meetings, client conversations, family time, and even downtime.
  • Challenge your clients to think clearly about how they deploy their time, energy and attention.
  • Help your clients understand  the impact of time in their decision-making.
  • Use your own wisdom about time to help clients regulate stress and anxiety.
  • Understand how the changing and frenetic experience of time in modern life, including the fear that time is running out, is impacting your clients and their organizations.
  • Use mindfulness to enhance the quality of time.
  • Discern when to slow down … and when to speed up.
  • Learn how to spend some time in timeless time.
  • Use One Moment Meditation® to stop the clock and harness the potential of each moment.


“As a result of this session I can make better choices about my use of time”.
90% agree or strongly agree.

“I would recommend this session to others.”
95% agree or strongly agree.

“[This program]  helps you grab time with both hands and … make the most of it. Energises you to realise you can do so much more with time. Time does not control you. You can ride its wave and direct it. “

“Extremely beneficial in terms of reframing my long held beliefs about time and how I can take control of how I engage with it.”

“This course gives you a unique opportunity in the safe hands of Marty and Carmel to explore your beliefs and values that shaped who you are, how you relate to time, what you do with your time, and what time you are denying yourself.”

We are delighted to present this in association with Mobius Executive Leadership’s Next Practice Institute.

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