Immersive Seminar + Mastermind Group for Senior Leaders

with Carmel Moore & Martin Boroson

co-sponsored by Mobius Executive Leadership

Queen’s House,
Prime Meridian, Greenwich, London

April 27, 2020

with a three-month virtual mastermind group

Great leaders lead on time.

Not  boxed in by a congested daily schedule, they don’t confuse being ‘busy’ with being real and being present each time, every time. They model healthy time habits for their organizations because they know that their personal time practices profoundly impact those around them. They create the time needed to truly lead. And they seem able to do this with space and with ease.

Far beyond “time management,” time mastery means getting clear about values, building a flexible and nuanced relationship with time, knowing how to use time for maximum impact, and being agile and responsive in the moment.


  • a day-long immersive seminar and
  • a three-month virtual mastermind group.

The day-long seminar, held in Greenwich, London–one of the most important sites in the history of human timekeeping—will be a deep dive into your beliefs and choices about time.

You will learn how to transcend the daily struggle with ‘busy’, find the kinds of time you really need, and discover that by creating more space in your mind, you may even have more time than you think. And you will learn our disruptive approach to  time, enabling you to meet the emerging challenges of 21st century leadership.

SPECIAL BONUS: At the end of this day, our group will receive a private tour of the Greenwich Observatory led by the official Curator of Time.

Following the immersive seminar, you will continue working with this cohort of senior leaders for three months in a virtual mastermind group, with coaching support from Marty and Carmel to help you get on top of time. You will get additional training and support in the areas that matter most to the group, for example:

  • time practices in your leadership team and organisation,
  • staying accountable to your new time choices,
  • the types of time needed for successful innovation,
  • advanced training in One-Moment Meditation®.

The One Moment® Time Mastery program will help you:

  • identify the factors that have forged your relationship with time
  • penetrate the mystery of time
  • develop the skills and power to make time work for you


Queen’s House, Greenwich, London

Queen’s House is an outstanding building and art museum, overlooking Greenwich Park, the Royal Observatory, and the Prime Meridian (zero degrees longitude).

The Tulip Staircase, Queen’s House


Immersive Seminar in Greenwich
April 27, 2020

Online Coaching Masterclass via Zoom, 16:00 – 18:00 UK
April 23 (orientation), April 30, May 24, June 18, July 2


Corporate: GBP £2250

Individual: GBP £1500

EARLY BIRD:  20% discount for payment by February 15, 2019

Tuition includes breakfast and lunch on Sep 11, full day seminar, and membership in the three-month Mastermind Group led by Carmel and Marty.

Payment must be made in full to secure your place.



To register your interest, hold your place, and make payment…


“As a result of this session I can make better choices about my use of time”.
90% agree or strongly agree.

“I would recommend this session to others.”
95% agree or strongly agree.

“[This program]  helps you grab time with both hands and … make the most of it. Energises you to realise you can do so much more with time. Time does not control you. You can ride its wave and direct it. “

“Extremely beneficial in terms of reframing my long held beliefs about time and how I can take control of how I engage with it.”   

“This course gives you a unique opportunity in the safe hands of Marty and Carmel to explore your beliefs and values that shaped who you are, how you relate to time, what you do with your time, and what time you are denying yourself.”

We are delighted to present this in association with Mobius Executive Leadership’s Next Practice Institute.

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