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Welcome to One Moment

At One Moment, we believe that life is a collection of precious moments, and it’s our mission to make each one unforgettable. We are your partner in capturing and cherishing those special instances that define who you are.

Who We Are

One Moment is not just a company; we are a team of passionate individuals dedicated to preserving the beauty of your experiences. Our expertise lies in creating lasting memories, offering a range of services designed to encapsulate your unique stories.

Martin Boroson (Founder)

After earning a B.A. in philosophy at Yale and an MBA at the Yale School of Management, Marty began to study alternative paths to insight, depth psychology, meditation, somatics, and theatre.

Marty distilled much of this research into One-Moment Meditation®, a radically-reframed approach to meditation training. Through his book, app, and digital training programs, he has helped millions of people break through the time barrier and start meditating now.

Marty is an executive coach, speaker, faculty member of Mobius Executive Leadership, and a lay Zen priest in the Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen tradition.

Liberating Time Management for Leaders