THE NEW RULES OF TIMEa masterclass for leaders

The New Rules of Time

a masterclass for leaders

with Martin Boroson and Carmel Moore
co-sponsored by Mobius Executive Leadership’s Next Practice Institute

6 Week Online Program | Starting April 13, 2021

This program has one goal: to give you time.

At the One Moment Company, we believe this challenging time is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rethink time… the foundation of everything you do.

We will help you re-imagine time and then use this insight to design a new way of living and working, one that is more efficient, sustainable, kind, and aligned with who you are.

The New Rules of Time is for people whose decisions impact how others live and work: senior and emerging leaders; heads of talent, diversity, and learning; consultants; and executive coaches.

This program will help you:

  • Get a grip on your schedule.
  • Develop the capacity to lead calmly.
  • Create the conditions for innovation.
  • Support your people better.
  • Find time for what really matters.

Now is the time to design—individually and together—the new rules of time.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn this game-changing model of time mastery.
  • Discern what you most need to learn from this time.
  • Jettison the mental blocks about time that hold you back.
  • Empower your people to work in a healthier, more sustainable way.
  • Develop the mindset that finally gives you the time of your life.

Program Dates and Times

6 WEEKS beginning April 13, 2021

Leadership Level
Tuesdays, 90 mins: 8am Pacific / 16.00 UK

Learn the game-changing Time Mastery leadership model and our mindful approach to time.

Executive Level

Tuesdays + Thursdays, 90 mins: 8am Pacific / 16.00 UK

You will also be coached by Carmel and Marty in a small group of highly-motivated executives who want to make change now, find deeper personal insight, and realize immediate benefits to their teams and organizations.

What’s unique about the New Rules of Time?

    We start by showing you the problem with productivity and why “time management” is out-of-date. You learn to think about time in a new, more empowered, way.
    We help you make profound internal shifts (aha’s)—essential if you want to make external changes that work.
    With these insights, you design the precise personal practices that will work for you, based on who you really are.
    Over six weeks, you test and refine these insights and choices in real life. (And this model works at home, at work, with teams, and with organizations.)

Our Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The One Moment Company is committed to anti-racism and advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion. We apply this to the way we do business, conduct our training and coaching, and develop our curriculum. We want participants in our programs to feel welcome, to speak from the heart, and be heard with generosity.

Choose Your Experience

Leadership Level

$895 *

Executive Level

$2495 *

Private Executive Coaching

Price on Application

Learn the game-changing Time Mastery leadership model and our mindful approach to time. Get the practical tools you need to break through the time barrier … and finally have the time of your life. Get all the benefits of the Leadership Level and also join a small coaching group led by Carmel and Marty … for highly-motivated executives who want to make change now, find deeper personal insight, and realize immediate benefits to their teams and organizations. Get highly-targeted individual coaching to help you remove obstacles and implement the critical personal and leadership transformations you most want.
* If your training budget is still frozen, talk to us about Exchange Economy Pricing.

You Will Get

Experience Options Leadership Level Executive Level Private Executive Coaching
Live Weekly Workshops
Catch-up Recordings of Lectures
Peer Learning Triads
Exercise Templates
One-Moment Meditation® Bonus Training
Group Coaching (small cohort of senior executives)
Advanced Training session in the Time Habits of Successful Teams
Private consulting session to help you implement new rules of time in your organization.
Individual, private coaching
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“In the midst of Covid-19, as the boundaries of life and work got blurry and I started to ponder on a life transition, a friend called to propose I attend a course, The New Rules of Time by Martin Boroson and Carmel Moore. I agreed partly out of loyalty to my friend. Little did I know how valuable those weekly meetings would be. Now, more than ever, it’s time to give time new meaning … It is a critical component of how we relate to others.”
Blanca Juti, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, HEINEKEN

The Core Curriculum

The New Rules of Time is designed to give you transformational change that sticks. You can apply what you learn immediately, test and iterate, and figure out how to build the alliances and support for success. And our alumni tell us that their learning continues to expand in the days, months, and years after the program.

Week 1 | Introduction
Why “time management” is out of date. What’s happening to time these days? Introducing the OMC Time Mastery model. What to do when everyone else’s time is your responsibility? What are the ‘time takeaways’ from lockdown and virtual work? What time habits do you never want to go back to?

Week 2 | Paying Attention
How quality of attention and presence affects your experience of time and success as a leader. How to command attention, pay attention, devote attention, and play with attention. Finding the joy of immersion. Giving things enough time. How can you lead with presence from behind your laptop? Master the 3 Components of Effective Attention. Core training in mindfulness and One Moment Meditation®.

Week 3 | Beliefs and Language
How the language about time shapes your experience of time. Why unconscious beliefs about time from your family and culture constrain options. Promote diversity and inclusion by paying attention to time. Learn to lead and collaborate with those who hold different beliefs about time. Let go of false beliefs such as “busy,” “deadlines,” and “lack of time.” What’s a better way to think about time?

Week 4 | Types of Time
Who’s in control of time? Are you leading with intention or letting technology rule? What new rules of time will empower you and your organization to thrive in the next normal …and the normal after that? Learn the types of time that our clients say radically transform their leadership M.O. Discern your real time needs and … turn off the excuses.

Week 5 | Values
What is essential to you personally? What is vital to your USP as a leader? Do you sense that time is running out or standing still? Apply intense clarity about your values to drive effective and rewarding choices about time. What potential is this strange time calling forth? Learn the one fundamental mindset shift that can release you instantly from overwhelm. How to find time for the one thing that will finally give you enough time.

Week 6 | Being in the Moment
Get over ‘sunk cost bias’ and let the past be the past. Release anxiety about the future. Eliminate barriers to creativity and innovation. Free yourself from clock time, embrace the paradox of time, and experience the power of real presence. How to be at peace in a world that is constantly changing. What it really means to be “in the moment” and why this is essential for leadership.

What Others Have Said

The One Moment Company’s training programs have been recommended to their employees by Google, GAP, GSK, Kaiser Permanente, NextEra Energy, and Citibank. Participants in our Time Mastery courses have included senior leaders from: Heineken, AirBnB, HP, Lonza, General Electric, Client Earth, large consulting firms, and NGOs.

“Extremely beneficial in terms of reframing my thinking and long held beliefs about time and how I can take control of how I engage with it. I believe this work must be for those who are frankly senior enough to benefit and … appreciate the content of this wonderful time spent.”

Sonia Watson, OBE, CEO, Blueprint for All (formerly the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust)

“Having been around this topic in HR for a long time, I had never seen anything like this program before. This was completely new material and an amazing learning. This course is very, very relevant in the workplace. Each class is a deep dive while also giving you something practical to take to the workforce. Once you have this language you can’t help sharing it. The timing is so perfect for what is needed in the world right now.”

Caroline Barth, Chief Human Resources Officer, Lonza

“Helps you grab time with both hands and energizes you to make the most of it. … Time does not control you, you can ride its wave and direct it.”

Balbir Chatrik, Director of Policy and Communications, Centrepoint

“When was the last time you sat with yourself to consider what you do with your time and how you relate to time? When you use time as an excuse, or feel it as an oppressor, a healer or money-maker. This course gives you a unique opportunity to do this … taking a closer look at your views about “time” and having the opportunity to explore your beliefs and values that shaped who you are, how you relate to time, what you do with your time, and what time you are denying yourself, among other things.”

Elina Koussis, Leadership Development Leader, General Electric

“What you’re left with is a rock-solid foundation on which to build a new set of thoughts and values around time. The content and guidance broaden your thinking and then come all the way back to provide you with actionable steps that you can take in that very moment. If you want to take a step off the ‘hamster wheel’ and reprioritize, then this experience is for you.”

Liam O’Brien, Commercial Director, Vantage Point Consulting

EARLY BIRD OFFER: Save 15% off these prices by March 16.

Cancellation Policy

If you have paid upfront and you need to cancel your booking, we will give you a 100% credit that can be used by yourself, an associate, or your team for a future OMC training in 2021. If due to unavoidable economic or health concerns you require a full refund, we will provide that.

Co-sponsored by Mobius Executive Leadership’s Next Practice Institute

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