THE NEW RULES OF TIMEa leadership masterclass

The New Rules of Time

masterclass + coaching group for leaders

with Martin Boroson and Carmel Moore

co-sponsored by Mobius Executive Leadership

8 Week Online Program | Starts October 1, 2020

Everything about time is now in flux—from the shape of the working day to our ability to forecast the future. How should we now live our lives, structure our work, and lead our teams?

This is the time to design—individually and together—new rules of time.

In this program, you will learn our powerful techniques of time mastery. You will get time to reflect and process what’s been going on for you in this time. You will develop the mindset and methods you need to align your life with your deepest values and intentions. And you’ll start inspiring and empowering your people to live in healthier, sustainable, and rewarding ways.

What’s unique about this approach?

First, we show you why traditional “time management” is out-of-date and why all those productivity hacks are doomed to fail.

Then, we then reveal a novel, disruptive, and profound understanding of time that enables you to design the precise and personal practices that work for you.

As a leader you have one job… to make the most of this moment.

This program shows you how.


The Autumn 2020 program is for a small, select and diverse cohort of leaders from large businesses, dynamic startups, and NGOs:

  • Senior leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Heads of Talent / L&D / Leadership Development
  • Thought leaders
  • Consultants and coaches to senior leaders

This program is for you
if you want to …

  • 1 Lead calmly in the midst of turbulence
  • 2 Find time for what really matters
  • 3 Be fully present–in person and virtually
  • 4 Get mindful and focused quickly—ready to lead
  • 5 Bring clarity and courage to decision making
  • 6 Respond wisely to shifting planning horizons
  • 7 Equip yourself to lead through economic and social change
  • 8 Shape the time practices that promote inclusivity and diversity
  • 9 Optimize resilience and creativity for your organization
  • 10 Find the deepest potential of this—and every—moment

“In the midst of Covid-19, as the boundaries of life and work got blurry and I started to ponder on a life transition, a friend called to propose I attend a course, The New Rules of Time by Martin Boroson and Carmel Moore. I agreed partly out of loyalty to my friend. Little did I know how valuable those weekly meetings would be. Now, more than ever, it’s time to give time new meaning … It is a critical component of how we relate to others.”

Blanca Juti, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, HEINEKEN

Our Commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

The One Moment Company is committed to anti-racism and advancing equality, diversity and inclusion. Knowing that we have much to learn, we commit to prioritizing time to address issues of equality, diversity, and inclusion, and unconscious bias. This applies to the way we do business, the conduct of our training and coaching, participation in our programs, and the content of our curriculum. Our aspiration is that all training sessions provide an opportunity for participants to speak from the heart and be heard with generosity.

“Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost.
On this night, the days of our life are decreased by one …
Do not squander your life.”

— Zen Buddhist Evening Chant

Core Curriculum

Week 1 | Introduction
Setting learning agreements and goals. Establishing connection and trust with your peers in this cohort. How to learn from paradox. Why “time management” is out of date. What’s happening to time these days? Introducing the OMC Time Mastery model. What happens when everyone else’s time is your responsibility? What time habits do you and your people never want to go back to?

Week 2 | Paying Attention
How attention and presence affect your experience of time. How the quality of your attention impacts your leadership. How to expand time when you don’t have enough. Core training in mindfulness and One Moment Meditation®. How to command attention, pay attention, devote attention, and play with attention. Finding the joy of immersion. Giving things enough time. How can you lead with presence from behind your laptop?

Week 3 | Beliefs and Language
How unconscious beliefs and bias—and the language you use—about time have been constraining your leadership. Which beliefs about time are no longer serving you? How workplace assumptions about time affect diversity and inclusion. Learn to lead and collaborate with others who hold different beliefs about time. Letting go of false beliefs like “busy,” “deadlines,” and “lack of time.”

Week 4 | Types of Time
Get clear about your time choices and be discerning in how you spend time. Turn the discoveries and joys of “lockdown time” into positive new habits and structures for yourself and for your team. How to find virtual leadership time to be available when others need you. Learn the types of time leaders say are most helpful. Who’s in control of time now? Is it possible to lead with intention rather than letting technology dictate the pace? What new time rules will empower your organization to thrive in the next normal (and the normal after that)?

Week 5 | Values
Find what is vital to who you are and your purpose as a leader. Has “virus time” revealed what’s essential? Living with the presence of death and the fear that time is running out. Apply intense clarity about your values to drive more effective and rewarding choices about time. What potential is this strange time calling forth in you? The one fundamental mindset shift that can release you from feeling overwhelmed instantly. How to make time for the one thing that will always give you time. And finally have enough time.

Week 6 | The Time Habits of Teams: Power, Diversity, and Inclusion
Why time is the hidden engine of corporate culture and how to overhaul it. How to find the toxic time habits hidden beneath the rhythms and routines of everyday work, e.g., meetings, deadlines, feedback. Are leaders available? Why lockdown is an unparalleled opportunity to rethink the way we work. The relationship between time, diversity, and inclusion. Who gets your time? Who doesn’t? What time agreements are needed for new virtual workspaces? How to design better time conventions—with and for your team—to promote flexibility, happiness and engagement.

Week 7 | Being in the Moment
Let go of anxiety about time, transcend linear time, and break free from the grip of clock time. Learn to embrace the deepest mystery of time and open up the power of the present. What it really means to be “in the moment” and how to apply this as a leader. Eliminate barriers to creativity and innovation. Adapt to the fact that life is always changing. How to help your team be in the moment. Learn to overcome “sunk cost bias” and find the liberation in letting go. How to have the time of your life.

Week 8 | Implementation and Adoption
Review of the model, exercises, progress, and goals. Record and analyze individual learning. Deepen and strengthen personal practice through completion coaching. Development of personal adoption plan. Testing and deepening accountability with your peers. Planning the pivotal next steps. Building the alliances and support structures you need to make this very real.

You Will Get

  1. One-hour training per week
  2. Two-hour group coaching per week
  3. “Ignition Sessions” — drop in, weekly
  4. Recordings and Transcripts
  5. Tools and Templates
  6. Peer Practice Group (optional)
  7. Micro-practices
  8. Membership in a private LinkedIn group

Program Dates and Times

Three-hour sessions—training and coaching
Oct 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; Nov 5, 12, 19
8 AM Los Angeles / 11 AM New York / 16.00 London

Pricing for Uncertain Times


*Our program is designed for these times–to equip you to lead through this crisis. This means we understand that budgets are tight and your company’s spending on leadership development may have been curtailed or deferred. If you believe that now is the time for you to join this program, but can’t make the financial investment at this time, don’t let that stop you: contact us at [email protected] We too are running a business in this uncertain time; you will find us caring, pragmatic and flexible. We are also very open to having an ‘exchange economy’ conversation with you!

See cancellation policy below


Our training programs have been recommended to their employees by Google, GAP, GSK, Kaiser Permanente, NextEra Energy, and Citibank. Participants in our time mastery courses have included senior leaders from: Heineken, AirBnB, HP, Lonza, General Electric, Client Earth, and large consulting firms and NGOs.

“Helps you grab time with both hands and energizes you to make the most of it. … Time does not control you, you can ride its wave and direct it.”

Balbir Chatrik, Director of Policy and Communications, Centrepoint

“Having been around this topic in HR for a long time, I had never seen anything like this program before. This was completely new material and an amazing learning. This course is very, very relevant in the workplace. Each class is a deep dive while also giving you something practical to take to the workforce. Once you have this language you can’t help sharing it. The timing is so perfect for what is needed in the world right now.”

Caroline Barth, Chief Human Resources Officer, Lonza

“When was the last time you sat with yourself to consider what you do with your time and how you relate to time? When you use time as an excuse, or feel it as an oppressor, a healer or money-maker. This course gives you a unique opportunity to do this … taking a closer look at your views about “time” and having the opportunity to explore your beliefs and values that shaped who you are, how you relate to time, what you do with your time, and what time you are denying yourself, among other things.”

Elina Koussis, Leadership Development Leader, General Electric

“What you’re left with is a rock-solid foundation on which to build a new set of thoughts and values around time. The content and guidance broaden your thinking and then come all the way back to provide you with actionable steps that you can take in that very moment. If you want to take a step off the ‘hamster wheel’ and reprioritize, then this experience is for you.”

Liam O’Brien, Commercial Director, Vantage Point Consulting

“Extremely beneficial in terms of reframing my thinking and long held beliefs about time and how I can take control of how I engage with it. I believe this work must be for those who are frankly senior enough to benefit and … appreciate the content of this wonderful time spent.”

Sonia Watson, OBE, CEO, Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

“May you live every day of your life.”
— Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

Cancellation Policy

If you have paid upfront and you need to cancel your booking, we will give you a 100% credit that can be used by yourself, an associate, or your team for a future OMC training in 2021. If due to unavoidable economic or health concerns you require a full refund, we will provide that.

Co-sponsored by Mobius Executive Leadership

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