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23 Sep 2023 | Carmel Moore

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The 6 Guilty Pleasures of Executive Travel

At the beginning of COVID, several of my coaching clients began reporting a strange problem: they were missing executive travel—in particular, flying business class.These clients—senior executives and management consultants—confessed this to me only sheepishly, as they knew it was a first-world problem, particularly in the time of COVID.

| Martin Boroson
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The Key to Bad Meetings: Bring Your Laptop

If you, as a leader, are bold enough to force your team to come into the office for in-person meetings—requiring them to get out of their sweatpants, organize child care, brave the weather, and suffer the commute—you better make sure those aren’t bad meetings. So why are you allowing them to bring their laptops?

| Martin Boroson and Carmel Moore
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