How Are These Results Possible?

posted by Martin Boroson on May 13 2017

At the One Moment Company, we focus on solutions that give you big results for small investments of time.

Our first training program, One-Moment Meditation®, set the standard here. Our premise was that you could learn how to meditate—and see significant benefits in mindset—with practice that takes just one minute per day.

This was (and continues to be) a bit controversial.

After all, how can we obtain such good results when we ask users for practice that takes so little time?

If you want to read some of the results, look at this article: Case studies from two of our corporate training programs.

But the purpose of this short article is address why it really is possible that such short bursts of training can be so effective.

Here are the reasons we have identified :

No time? No problem.

Because we ask users for just one minute per day, our training is instantly attractive to employees who feel short of time. So unlike other mindfulness training programs that require a lot of time, our programs get “buy in” quickly.

Think you can’t do it? Think again.

Because we teach users a very short form of meditation, this dramatically boosts their confidence that they can do it. The most frequent response from people who first hear about the training that takes just “one moment” is “I could do that!”

Build strengths gradually.

As users learn how to do this very short form of meditation, they see the changes in their lives immediately, feel encouraged, and move into a “success” mindset.  Our most frequent response from users, after trying out our training, is “I can do it!”

No special place or time required.

Unlike many training programs, we help people learn meditation and mindfulness right where they are. No need for special clothing or retreat environments. We want you to do this anywhere and everywhere—and we start from the assumption that you can.

Use it where you really need it.

Unlike traditional mindfulness training that promotes mindfulness as a general ability, we start with a “use it where you need it” approach. This does not disparage the general benefits of mindfulness, but does help users target the benefits immediately to their own particular problem area:  stress, anxiety, insomnia, difficult conversations, time management, etc. In other words, we help them apply the “medication” of meditation right to the illness itself. This demonstrates to users that they really can experience a big benefit quickly from this approach, and keeps them engaged.

Take it one moment at a time.

Because of our “one moment” approach, there is no failure. We encourage users to treat every moment as an opportunity to get started. Even if that means starting again. Because each moment offers you a new possibility.

Gradual reinforcement and support.

Although we don’t ask for much time each day, we do stay with you for a long time. The idea is to support users as they build new, positive habits. So rather than rushing people to complete our training—we give people time to incorporate new ideas and perspectives, and support them as they make these a sustainable part of their new life.

This moment is everything.

While One Moment® training might seem like a “short cut” to those used to longer forms of practice, it is backed by serious research into neuroscience and habit formation. It is also inspired by a real understanding of Zen philosophy and the deep potential that comes from being present in this moment, right now.

And after all, how much time does a moment take?


Read case studies from two of our corporate training programs.

Want to bring One Moment® Training Solutions to your workforce?  Contact us here.




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